After 50 years of stagnation, the goat breeding has come to life again in Macedonia. With great efforts, repro – centers for breeding (like our farm) have been opened.  This farm owns 15 hectares of arable land, which is in conversion for organic production with a tendency to produce organic goat products.

Our farm is registered as a repro – center for goats from the alpine race. We have 150 грла of mother herds from the alpine race and 50 young kids for breeding. The farm possesses a 400 square meter building in which the goats are kept and bred. Also, there is a diary that enables production and processing of milk and diary products.

Something about the goats
Compared to other ruminants, the goats use the most different types of plants (547) in their nutrition. Thanks to the micro flora of buricu, the goat is able to synthesize all necessary amino acids.
The average milk production is 15-20 times bigger than the goat's living mass. The milk is easily cooked because it contains tiny fat drops which make an easily cooked rich with vitamins and minerals (good proportion of calcium and phosphor). The fresh milk is recommended for children and adults, sick and convalescent persons.

By processing the milk, we get quality diary products: yoghurt, kefir (used for curing anemia, pallor and chronic diseases of the lungs). We breed goats of the alpine race, which originates from the Alps and today it is mostly widespread in France.

The alpine race belongs to the colored milk races of goats, with short yellow-brown to red hair and it has a characteristic black line along the goat's spine. The legs are black and the ears are in the upright position. This goat can be with or without horns. The average milk production is 750 kilos in the lactation period. There are 3,5 – 3,6% fat and 2,8 – 2,9% proteins in the milk. The high protein level is particularly important for the cheese production, therefore our products are especially tasty, but also very healthy.

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