• Goat white cheese
  • Goat cheese with oregano
  • Goat yellow cheese
  • Other types of goat cheese with or without spices

Delicious taste
Our products are natural (organic), produced from goat milk with a big quality. By adding natural ingredients and using production techniques, all products have a delicious taste.

Why goat cheese?
The first reason for selecting Goat Cheese is its great flavor! Aditionally, there are many health benefits to those who want to watch their fat intake and to those who may have allergies to cow's milk.

Easily Digested
For years, people with sensitive stomachs have opted for goat milk products. The fats in goat cheese are smaller with short-chain fatty acids and produce a softer curd. Their small size makes them easier to break down and digest than the larger, long-chain fatty acids of cow's cheese. The goat cheese has the added benefit of not containing bovine growth hormones.

Per Oz. Goat Cheese Cow’s Cream Cheese
Calories 69.4 99.5
Protein (grams) 4 2.1
Fat (grams) 5.5 10
Cholesterol (mg) 17.6 30.5

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